Symptoms And Treatment Of Vaccinations Essay

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Your child is lying in a hospital bed covered in red spots. You assumed it was just poison ivy or a few bug bites thinking it will cure up by itself, but it does not. He or she is suffering from fatigue, high fever, loss of appetite, sore throat, and swollen lymphs. The blood work returns (just to be safe) and the doctor tells you, that your child has the chickenpox. The doctor informs you that the body will eventually heal itself, but prescribes medication and give advice on how to deal with the chicken pox. Your child will be fine and will get better however the possibility of him or her getting shingles is still there. This all could have been avoided if the parent would have had their child vaccinated. Vaccinations are what keep diseases like the chicken pox low in numbers. If a person is infected with virus or diseases such as the chicken pox or measles then they are contagious. Therefore they are capable of spreading the disease to other people if those people are not vaccinated. The more people that refuse to vaccinate increase the chances of unvaccinated people contracting the disease which can probably lead to an epidemic.
Parents are faced with many barriers when vaccinating their children. The most common challenges scholars reported are knowledge, lack of transportation, and finances. As part of our intervention we plan to minimize these challenges to make vaccinations more easily accessible.
If parents don’t have the proper knowledge about vaccinations they…

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