Symptoms And Treatment Of The Physician Essay

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Our patient called their primary care physician first, and reported that their 25-month old child had diarrhea for the past two days with 4-5 watery stools each day. He was also vomiting, refusing to eat, and was only able to keep down small amounts of water. The reason the mother called the physician was today the child was acting very lethargically and became very irritated whenever she tried to feed or give fluids. Upon hearing this the physician directed her to the hospital to seek help as he suspected moderate to severe dehydration.
Given this background two of the criteria for possible moderate to severe dehydration have been met so a physical assessment is warranted. Patient did not have an accurate recent weight that we could use to compare to the present weight in order to measure fluid lose so we compared the child’s weight to his growth chart and found it to be within the normal range. We also recorded the child’s vitals including: heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate, and temperature. Respiratory rate and blood pressure were within normal limits, his temperature was elevated at 101.6ºF, and pulse was slightly elevated at 125 bpm. The child’s breathing was normal for a child his age with a fever – no deep breathing was noted (which could be a sign of respiratory acidosis which can occur in sever dehydration (Bucher, Harding, Lewis, McLean Heitkemper, & Ruff Dirksen, 2014)). Infant was definitely grouchy, mouth and lips appeared dry, eyes looked…

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