Symptoms And Treatment Of Syphilis Essay

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Syphilis has three stages and these have tremendous impact on the human body, and as well as the internal organs. In the primary stage of syphilis, the infected person may see many round shape sore appearance on their body. Most people do not know they have syphilis at the time because the sore is not painful, so the person might go around without his or her knowledge of this occurring. Seeking treatment can prevent the person from moving into the secondary stage. Frank Snowden explained that secondary stage is between forty-five days after the disappearance of the chancre. In this stage, the infected person will notice rashes on either their hands, mouth, or feet. It will not appear right away when the previous treatment is already in the person’s system, but the person will notice it after the treatment wear off. The rash appears red, rough, but it does not cause the person to scratch the area. Symptoms may include fever, headache, weight loss, muscle ache, swellings all over the body, and sore throat. The third stage or tertiary stage of syphilis occurs when the person did not get the right treatment, or the person did not receive any treatment in the first. This stage is highly risky because if syphilis is left untreated, it could damage internal organs, cause blindness, dementia, cardiovascular disease, and even death. Some people do not get treatment right away and all of the previous symptoms will disappear, which sound like a great thing, but it is actually not. It…

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