Symptoms And Treatment Of Substance Abuse Essay

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On 4/26/2016 SC met with Pa and completed a home visit. The Pa appears to be in pain and was leaping. The SC asked the Pa if she ok and she said yes but she experiencing a lot of and is always in pain. The SC asked the Pa if she talks with her doctors about her pain and she said yes. Pa reported that she lost saw her PCP on 4/20/2016. But reported that she has not seen her Rheumatologist in a long time because the lost time she was there he had refused to write her pain and instead give her injections. The Pa reported that the injection did worked but she was offended by the doctors taking away her Rx pain because of past history of substance abuse. The Pa reported that her very good friend of 20 plus year died suddenly and she was shocked and engulf by grief which lead to her falling into a depression. The Pa reported during the depression phase she was unable to eat and lose 15 pounds went from 110 to 94 pounds. The SC asked the Pa what did she do to help herself feel better and she reported praying and spending time with her family (dtr and grandson). The Pa reported that she has moments of depression now but she’s doing much better. The SC asked the Pa if she wanted to see a professional counselor to help her process her grief and she said she doing ok now. SC observed that the Pa was had a big ball spot and discolored skin in the top of her head and asked the Pa about it. The Pa reported that it’s from her lupus. The Pa then pointed to her right elbow/arm and showed…

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