Symptoms And Treatment Of Stroke Essay

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Stroke is the most preventable neurological disease, and this is mainly because, many of its risk factors such as high cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes, and smoking can be prevented either through healthier lifestyle choices or by medication. “In the management of stroke, speedy access to medical service is crucial, as delays result in poor outcome” (Donkor, Owolabi, Bampoh, Aspelund, & Gudnason, 2014). Stroke occurs when there is an interruption in the blood supply to the brain, caused by the rupture or occlusion of the blood vessels, resulting in localized tissue injury and death. The resultant disability is dependent on the extent and area of brain damage. The common consequences of stroke are hemiparesis and inability to walk or perform activities of daily living. Stroke survivors have mental as well as physical disability. They might be hesitant to make an appearance at social activities due to a feeling of social isolation, which can further restrict rehabilitation and recovery. Rehabilitating activities can strengthen the physiological and psychological condition of patients with stroke. “For proper rehabilitation, increasing self-efficacy as well stroke related knowledge is necessary. Most patients with stroke cannot maintain prestrike social status because their physical disability, difficulty in mobility or difficulties in communication. Although a person’s self-efficacy is high and when he or she feels in control during threatening situation, the capability to…

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