Symptoms And Treatment Of Skin Cancer Essay

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Skin cancer is one of the most common and well-known cancers. Although it is typically easiest to cure, there are still many cases where a form of skin cancer has no definite cure. This difficulty is common with skin cancers that are not well known, such as Kaposi’s sarcoma. KS is an unusual malignancy discovered in 1981 during the beginning of the global HIV pandemic. During this time, cases of KS were rare. According to The American Cancer Society, “there were only two cases of KS found for every million people in the United States; yet, when the AIDS epidemic arrived, the rate of KS cases rapidly increased. By the 1990’s, KS was present in 47 cases per million people, and individuals with HIV had a 50% chance of developing it.” (“What is Kaposi’s Sarcoma?”) The patterns, causes, and effects of KS are peculiar because they are predominantly restricted to a specific group of the HIV-infected population: men that engage or have ever engaged in homosexual activity. Whilst some researchers suspect Herpes virus 8, or HHV-8, causes KS, its origination currently remains undetermined. Since there are various forms of KS, it is quite difficult to pin down its exact cause. There are three interesting aspects to Kaposi’s sarcoma: types, symptoms, and treatment.
The first interesting aspect to KS is the different types. Although Kaposi’s sarcoma occurs rarely, there are several variations of the cancer around the world. Different kinds of KS have unique characteristics depending on…

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