Symptoms And Treatment Of Scoliosis Essay

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Life has plenty of ups and downs along the way. Some can be permanent such as losing both of your arms or becoming paralyzed due to a snow tubing accident. Others can be colossal but temporary, such as, the heartbreak losing a family member, or having to wear skin wraps due to a fire. All of us will have an obstacle whether it’s big or small, or lasts a long time or a little while. My obstacle was not permanent, but it was a course that lasted 3 years. The most challenging obstacle I have had in my entire life was when I had to wear a back brace. It all started in 5th grade. The school nurse was calling us down one at a time to check our backs for signs of Scoliosis. Scoliosis is a bone disease that makes the spine rotated or curved instead of being straight. Sometimes it’s very minor, but other times it’s major and should be treated. Other wise you may have to get surgery and end up with metal rods in your back. I went to the nurse when I was called. I was not expecting anything to happen at all. However, after she examined me, she gave me an envelope and instructed me to give it to a parent as soon as possible. I was anxious about what it said, but I knew I couldn’t open it. After my mom read it, she told me I might have Scoliosis and explained what it was. A few months later I went to the doctor and he discovered I did have Scoliosis. At the time, the curve in my spine was not too extensive at the time, but he still wanted to keep an eye on it. It wasn’t until my 7th…

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