Essay on Symptoms And Treatment Of Schizophrenia

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Schizophrenia is a perplexing and incapacitating psychiatric disease with distinctive subtypes. Many professionals have researched the different types of this disease. Each subtype has some similarities and differences. Two of the main subtypes of schizophrenia are non-paranoid and paranoid. The neurological paths in one with paranoid schizophrenia are different than that of a non-paranoid schizophrenia (Citak et al., 2013).
In comparing non paranoid and paranoid schizophrenia, there is a diverse classification system. One of these systems is using negative and positive symptoms (Citak et al., 2013). The symptoms of a schizophrenic patient are used to determine type and best treatment options. Negative symptoms are when a patient begins not doing things. Hygiene habits decrease, emotions decrease, and motivation decreases. Positive symptoms include delusions and disorganized thoughts. Compared to non-paranoid schizophrenics, paranoid schizophrenic patients are more emotional. Positive symptoms are thought to be more psychotic than negative symptoms (Karakula et al., 1999).
Positive symptoms make patients seem extremely angry, hostile, and suspicious. Negative symptoms make patients seem disconnected from the real world. These patients tend to want to be alone because of their loss of interest in a social life. They do not associate with other people easily or comfortably (Witkowska, 2015). Symptom typing makes it easier to distinguish…

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