Symptoms And Treatment Of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Essay

1069 Words Sep 19th, 2016 5 Pages
When the term, “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder,” comes to mind, many would immediately think of soldiers and combat veterans. What some do not know, is that even civilians like yourself can get this disorder. Children are likely to get this disorder from physical and sexual child abuse. Likewise, women are likely to get it from sexual abuse too. There are common symptoms that manifests as an aftereffect of getting this disorder. Three particular symptoms are: re-experiencing symptoms, avoidance symptoms, and hyper arousal symptoms. This disorder has been around ever since the early 19th century. It 's first correlation was with the military and its soldiers, and how the military doctors perceived it to be some sort mental exhaustion from fighting. Within time, people start to blame themselves for the incident to why they 've gotten PTSD. This usually ends up into suicidal thoughts and people have committed suicide before because of PTSD. Not only have people committed suicide, there has been people that have murdered others too. We must say that it is up to fate and that one shouldn’t blame themselves for getting PTSD. The more one blames themselves, the worse it will get. There is cure for this disorder, however. Those with PTSD needs people to help them. The more help they get, the better they will become. Comparing it to another disorder, depression, it is possible to free yourself from PTSD as well as it is possible to free yourself from depression. It just takes…

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