Symptoms And Treatment Of Patients Essay

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Later on the patient will experience irreversible optic nerve function damage such as seeing halos around the lights, unimproved vision with eyeglasses and loss of peripheral vision. Treatment includes topical agents that reduce IOP have been found to slow down damage, patient education related to keeping regular appointments to monitor IOP along with self monitoring, teaching patient to report all emergency signs of an allergy to medications, encourage the patient to express their concerns about the disease and loss of their vision, educate patient on ways to promote independent living, teach infection control related to hand hygiene and medication skin contamination, teach the patient correct technique to give themselves the eye drops and importance of the eye drops, and provide written instructions related to the medication schedule when more than one eye drop is used. The nurse will continue to monitor the patient by performing eye exams, measuring visual fields and assess extent of vision loss (iggy).
Angle-Closure Glaucoma
Angle-closure glaucoma has a sudden onset, is less common but is a medical emergency. Onset of this disease is forward displacement of the iris towards the cornea, narrowing the iridocorneal angle and obstructing the outflow of aqueous humor from the anterior chamber (mccance). Asian and women patients are most notably affected. This will happen suddenly, without warning causing pain around the eyes radiating across the face. Headache,…

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