Symptoms And Treatment Of Pain Essay

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It was 5 years ago, and I was 35 years old when I underwent surgery to remove my gallbladder. I lived in constant pain for so many years with tummy aches; there were times it was bearable, and other times the pain would be so bad that I laid down and prayed for the pain to stop. I underwent at least three endoscopy to just be diagnosed with acid reflux and gastritis. One night I was in so much pain that I got up and drove myself to the hospital, the pain was so bad and I was at my wits end with always being in pain. Before heading into the hospital I contemplated on going in or just stop being a baby. After arguing with myself; the decision was made after I got sick in the car (thank goodness for the handy bag I had). I have never gotten sick, but this time was so different from the other times I was in pain. Usually the pain was just a nagging feeling after a "flair up", but never have I gotten sick. I walked in to the hospital with pain that I had no time to be nervous; I just wanted the pain to stop. I checked myself in and I was admitted right away, and I was thankful that it was not busy in the ER. They put me in a room and I laid down on the bed and told the nurse about my pain. The doctor came in after the nurse and had the nurse give me a medicine that tasted awful, but relieved the pain; I am pretty sure it had lidocaine in it, and it was heaven sent. I felt NO pain anymore. The doctor ordered an ultra sound on my stomach to see the cause of the pain. I remember…

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