Symptoms And Treatment Of Pain Essay example

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1. A perception is when sensory impulses are interpreted in the brain, such as touching a hot stove. A sensation is when the brain becomes aware of a stimulus, such as pain.
2. Pain receptors are excited by any type of tissue damage.
3. Referred pain is a phenomenon when you feel pain in an area other than where the pain originates from.
4. The thalamus and cerebral cortex are the parts on the brain that interpret pain impulses. The thalamus establishes the awareness of pain, and the cerebral cortex verifies the severity of the pain, discovers where the pain is coming from, and responds to the pain.
Five Special Senses
1. Sense of Smell
The olfactory organs of the nose are linked with the sense of smell. To aid in food selection, the olfactory receptors pair up with taste receptors. The cells of the olfactory receptors are bipolar neurons. In order to be interpreted in the temporal and frontal lobes of the cerebrum, impulses travel from olfactory receptor cells to olfactory bulbs, olfactory tracts, and olfactory nerves. A specific odor is interpreted in the brain when odorant molecules bind cell surface olfactory receptors on the receptor cell cilia.
2. Sense of Taste
Taste buds are related to the sense of taste. These taste buds have cells that contain taste hairs. Taste hairs have receptors in which chemicals are bound and impulses are stimulated. There are five primary taste sensations: sour, sweet, bitter, salty, and umami. Only one of the five tastes is detected…

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