Symptoms And Treatment Of Myofascial Pain Syndrome Essay

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Myofascial pain syndrome is characterized by trigger points in muscles resulting in pain, limitation of motion (LOM), muscle weakness and also referral pain. Upper part of trapezius muscle is one the most common sites in upper quadrant affected by this condition. Among various manual and non-manual techniques, dry needling is one the most effective treatment being widely used recently by physiotherapists. A female client, 34 years old hairstylist, with chronic shoulder pain admitted to physiotherapy clinic and was treated with dry needling approach resulted not only in shoulder symptoms’ improvement but also in sleep quality. Results from this case report can create an interesting and clear precedent for considering dry needling treatment approach in future clinical trials.
Keywords: Myofascial pain syndrome, Trigger point, Upper trapezius, Dry needling, Sleep quality
Myofascial pain syndrome (MPS) is defined as muscular stress or overuse with the presence of hypersensitive points within muscle taut bands known as trigger point (TrP) causing pain in seemingly unrelated parts of your body called referred pain. Central hypersensitivity syndrome is one of the possible causes of MSP. Normally, MPS symptoms will not respond well to treatments (persistent trigger points) unless the real triggering factors are identified and modified[1]. The exact complex physiology of MPS is unknown, but theoretically speaking it is identified by the activation of TrPs[2].…

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