Symptoms And Treatment Of Liver Tear Essays

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In our study, intraoperative complications occurred in only 1 (2.7%) patient in the form of liver tear which was managed by compression. On the other hand, in open RYGB Luján et al. (27) reported 3 (6%) cases of splenic injuries that leaded to splenectomies while in open classical D.S, Hess and Hess (13) reported splenic injury and splenectomy in 4 (0.9%) patients
In our study, Hematemesis occurred only in 1(2.7%) non compliant patient due to stomal ulceration following administration of intravenous acetyle salicylic acid. Gastric bleeding reported in 1 (1%) patient after loop D.S by Sánchez-Pernaute et al. (17), in 4 (0.5%) Patients after open classical D.S by Biertho et al. (28) and in 1 (0.6%) patient after open BPD by Gracia et al. (29). Stomal ulcer occurred in 1 (2.7%) patient in our series, while Scopinaro et al., (30) reported anastomotic ulcer in 86 (6.3%) cases after open BPD. The incidence of marginal ulcers after open RYGB ranged from 0.72% to 5.1% (31). Wound infection occured in 1 (2.7%) patient which was less than that reported by Abd El-Razik et al. (25) afteropen classical D.Swhich occurred in 2 (5%) patients. It was also less than that reported by Sekhar et al. (21) after open RYGB which occurred in 43 (9.2%) patients and far less than reported by Gracia et al. (29) in 14 (9%) cases after openBPD.
In our study, postoperative leakage ocurred in one (2.7%) patient. Leakage was from the distal duodenal stump (duodenal…

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