Symptoms And Treatment Of Insomnia Essay

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In today’s generations, people tend to get twenty percent less sleep than people did around one hundred years ago. Ninety percent of people who happen to deal with depression also end up dealing with insomnia. Safety on the roads is also diminishing because around one hundred thousand crashes occur due to drowsiness while behind the wheel. Out of those one hundred thousand crashes, there ends up being near fifteen hundred deaths. People should not have to worry about falling asleep at the wheel an hour after they wake up. Insomnia stems from allergies, rhythm change, as well as anxiety. Everyone goes through times once in their life where they lay in bed all night without getting any sleep. Insomnia can get the best of everyone at any time. A few summers ago, I was not able to ever sleep. I counted the amount of hours of sleep I got for a whole week and it ended up being around eighteen hours. This struggle ended up lasting for nearly three weeks. I tried so many different things to try to fall asleep faster, but nothing ever worked. Some nights, my thoughts would just run and never calm down while others were just not being tired at all, even after long days. Then, all of a sudden, being tired and falling asleep came naturally. I ended up falling asleep at ease and for a few more years, I got deep, incredible sleep.
Insomnia is triggered multiple ways, but they tend to not always be the same. One cause of insomnia is seasonal allergies. With allergies, people end up having…

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