Symptoms And Treatment Of Hypochondriasis Essay

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Hypochondriasis, originally listed as a somatoform disorder under the DSM-IV is now classified as a somatic symptom disorder under the DSM-V. According to the DSM-V, people with somatic symptom disorders must have symptoms that are chronic somatic symptoms in which they are concerned about. It can no longer be defined as a somatoform disorder because no actual physical symptoms occur (Mayo Clinic 2015). Hypochondriasis can be defined as a person having a fear of a bodily function being more life- threatening than it actually is. As stated in the DSM-IV, about 1% to 5% of people in the United States are diagnosed with hypochondriasis. Hypochondriasis is usually diagnosed when a patient visits their doctor multiple times of a nonexistent illness. Thus, their doctor would prescribe them to a psychiatrist. Hypochondriacs tend to go to their medical doctor first than a psychological doctor because they do not believe there is a mental problem in their belief of a physical illness. One cause of hypochondriasis is people are sensitive to their physical sensations. They experience these sensations at a higher amplitude than others (Encyclopedia of Mental Disorders, 2015). Other causes could also include a poor judgement of how to express one’s emotions and an inherited susceptibility for hypochondriasis (Cleveland Clinic, 1995-2011). Symptoms of hypochondriasis include having a fear of a health condition, attending the doctor’s repeatedly to distinguish their…

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