Symptoms And Treatment Of Headache After Hitting Head Essay

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Headache After Hitting Head
Is it normal to get a headache after hitting head on something hard? It’s not unusual to get a headache after hitting your head, and the headache you get can come and go as you go through a healing process typically lasting up to 4 weeks. As long as the headaches are diminishing, it’s not likely that they represent a serious problem. However, any persistent headache that progressively worsens after the injury may indicate a more severe injury that will need immediate medical attention.

How to Manage the Headache After Hitting Head
What should you do if you get a headache after hitting head real hard? If the headache is debilitating, or you have a serious head injury, you’ll need to seek professional medial help. However, as long as it’s not serious, the only treatment required is some rest and over-the-counter pain medication to treat the headache. Other ways to manage your injury include:
• Resting for the first 24 hours after the injury to give your body some time to begin the healing process. You’ll also want to avoid any activities that risk further blows to the head until you have completely healed, and the headaches are gone.
• Using an ice pack for reducing the pain and swelling associated with the injury, and to prevent any further tissue damage. When using an ice pack, place the ice into a plastic bag, wrap it with a towel and apply the cold pack on the injury for 15 to 20 minutes, every hour as needed.
• Purchase acetaminophen at your…

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