Essay on Symptoms And Treatment Of Gene Therapy

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There are many people in the world who carry a blood disorder and may not even know they carry the disease until they have children who have it. An estimated one in twenty people in Malaysia carry the disease known as thalassemia, and while there may only be 200,000 cases of thalassemia per year in the United States, the disease is much more prevalent in the Eastern side of the world. There are several types of thalassemia, and the disease is also known as Cooley’s anemia or Mediterranean anemia. The disease is autosomal recessive, meaning that if both parents are unknowing carriers of thalassemia, there is a one in four chance of their children having the disease. Patients who have thalassemia cannot produce the normal amount of hemoglobin, which results in anemia, and the severity of the anemia depends on which type of thalassemia the patient has. Thalassemia is also a point of interest, as there is no cure for the disease, which makes it a candidate for gene therapy. Gene therapy is the editing of genes, meaning that patients with a disease that is incurable may simply have the gene changed, so that they no longer have the disease anymore. There are several types of thalassemia, and each depends on the genes inherited. If the patient does not receive one or more gene(s) from the parents to make alpha globin protein chains, the patient has alpha thalassemia. If the genes that the patients receives to make beta globin protein chains are altered from the parents, than the…

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