Essay Symptoms And Treatment Of Dysmenorrhea

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1. Darlene, a 15-year-old, comes to the clinic with her mother. She reports having pain with her menstrual period, which interferes with her ability to go to school and participate in softball and tennis. What disorder does she likely have and how will this be managed?

• She most likely has primary dysmenorrhea.
• Dysmenorrhea may be relieved by hormonal contraceptives and NSAIDs taken before or at the onset of the cramping or bleeding. To prevent or alleviate symptoms the patients could also try palliative measures such as: heat massage, vitamin B and Mg supplements, relaxation techniques, and high-frequency transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation.

2. Kyra is a 55-year-old who is at the clinic to evaluate symptoms she has experienced for the past 5 months. She reports she has feelings of fullness in her abdomen and has lost her appetite. She feels this is likely because she feels full after eating only a small amount. She has had intermittent constipation and daily fatigue, which interferes with her life. What is the likely diagnosis? What diagnostic tests are needed? What management strategies will likely be used?

Based on her age and symptoms, Kyra has ovarian cancer. Diagnostic test should include:
• physical examination by a gynecologic oncologist
• Imaging tests (i.e. US, CT, MRI, chests x-ray, and barium enema x-ray)
• Lab tests (i.e. CA-125, HCG, LFP, LDH, etc.)
Diagnostic test may also include a biopsy, a laparascopy, and a colonoscopy.

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