Symptoms And Treatment Of Down-Syndrome

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Do you ever see other people and wonder why they act and look so differently? Their is a genetic disorder by the name of Down-Syndrome. Down-Syndrome is a condition in which a person has 47 chromosomes while others have 46 it is also the most common chromosome condition.
People with this disorder may have the facial features of flat face, small nose, upward slant eyes, enlarged tongue and may appear shorter than others. Kids with Down-Syndrome tend to grow at a slower rate. You have a much greater chance of having a child with Down-Syndrome if you’re 35 years old or older, have a brother or sister with Down-Syndrome or if you already had a child who was diagnosed with the condition.

Most parents want to know what is
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There is also camps such as “ The Americans With Disabilities Act” (ADA). They help them control their behavior. These camps can increase confidence, independence, activity and exercise. Camps provide activities such as dancing, golf, racing and tennis. These can improve Cardiovascular fitness which can be helpful later in adult life. There is no cure or treatment for Down-Syndrome, you’re just born with it and it will remain a lifelong condition. They can work just like any other person but it may be difficult for them to find a job that best suits them, certain jobs like a doctor or Firefighter can be very hard for them to learn. Having Down-Syndrome can make it harder to catch on as fast as others so they will need the easier jobs such as retail stores or even groceries stores. For example there is a man about 25 years old that works at my local grocery store “Kroger” and you can tell he is happy with his job and its not so hard for him. He is always smiling and greets everyone in a nice manner. Kids with Down-Syndrome aren’t all that different from others, they can have talents too. Such as actor Christopher Scott, he is diagnosed with Down-Syndrome. He played

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