Symptoms And Treatment Of Chronic Kidney Disease Essay

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Every thirty minutes the kidneys filter the blood in the body and removing the excess fluid. Most people live with two kidneys, but it is possible to live with one. I have survived with one kidney today trying everything to protect and live a longer life. “More than 26 million American adults have a chronic kidney disease (CKD). This means one adult out of every eight in the United States has decreased kidney function. (Santiago, 2015) How can people be so unaware of a disease that strikes so many? Chronic Kidney is known as a “silent killer, “because there are few symptoms and by the time he or she finds out they have a problem, sometimes damage has taken office. The kidneys are about the size of a closed fist. The kidneys are located in the middle back, one on each side of the spinal column. The right kidney is a little lower and smaller to make room for the liver. When there is pain in the upper back and hangs around, it might be a signal of an affected kidney. The pain is often due to the kidneys inability to excrete excess fluid. Dysfunction kidneys in the body could have symptoms of swelling in the hands, ankles, legs, feet and face. Many people have survived with this chronic disease and in many instances; he or she never knows their kidneys have failed. Knowing our bodies and getting regular checkups will help to live a better and healthy lifestyle. It is time to unfold the news about kidney disease (Santiago, 2015).
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