Symptoms And Treatment Of Children Essay

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“HELP! HELP!” I could hear a patient, next to my sister, screaming. Nurses ran to him, but with lack of medication they could not give much help. As I looked around the room, I could see blood puddles on the floor and was overwhelmed by the smell. The hospital was overcrowded and noise filled the room. As I stood observing, my sister’s coughs caught my attention again. As I turned to her I could see her sweating, from the heat, on to the sheets that had not been changed in days. It felt as if my heart hurt while I watched my sister suffer in agony for ten more hours, until the only doctor became available. After the doctor arrived, a wave of relief washed over me.
Those were the conditions in Albania, where I grew up, when my sister was hospitalized for bronchitis. In the rural village where I lived, doctors only visited twice a month and hospitals were hours away. I saw people suffer from preventable diseases due to no available doctors. Although this experience hurt me, it made an impression on me and inspired me to dream of becoming a doctor to help those in need.
Dreams, however, remained just dreams where I come from. Soon after, my family moved to Greece and then permanently to America in the pursuit of greater opportunities and a better life for my sister and me. While moving from one country to the next I was exposed to many different cultures and costumes, and gained a new perspective. I was fascinated with the new languages I learned, and the diverse people I met.…

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