Essay on Symptoms And Treatment Of Child Abuse

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Ms. Bellerice reported the family resides in a Miramar, three bedrooms and one-bathroom home, which she has owned for the past seven years. She described their home being located in an average neighborhood. In regards to having concerns for the child’s safety, Ms. Bellerice reported feeling comfortable in her neighborhood. The mother shared she does have visitors to the home, but indicated none of them has been accused of child abuse. When asked about the sleeping arrangements in the home, Ms. Bellerice noted Marcus falls asleep in her bed during the daytime when she is at home, but noted Marcus has a private sleeping area and sleeps alone. According to Ms. Bellerice, Marcus bathes independently, although she shared Marcus and his older sister sometimes shower together. She related that it is due to Marcus and his sister not waiting their turn to use the bathroom. Per the youth’s mother, she she has spoken to Marcus and his sister about co-bathing, she indicated she has not witnessed Marcus and his sister showering since last year. Also residing in the home is the youth’s sister and brother, who sleeps alone. The mother denied owning or having pornography in the home. Regarding sexual boundaries within the home, the mother denied Marcus ever witnessed her engaging in any sexual behavior or has seen her in the nude. Ms. Bellerice admitted to cooking and sleeping in her underwear. The youth’s mother denied owning any weapons. She stated Marcus has access to television…

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