Symptoms And Treatment Of Caregiver Burden Essay

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Introduction Caregivers are usually patient’s relatives or spouses who are responsible for providing physical, social, economic and emotional support. One of the recurring themes that caregivers face is the care-giving demands that overwhelm them. Beinart and colleagues 2012, describe that caregiver burden can be defined as the caregiver’s perception of the physical, emotional, economic, and social cost of the caregiving relationship. Beinart and colleagues 2012, also describe that caregiver burden increases with greater Alzheimer Dementia severity, and both patient and caregiver characteristics have been found to explain greater caregiver burden, with some differences depending on the caregiver-patient relationship.
Definition of Dementia Progressive deterioration in cognition, function, and behavior make people with dementia increasingly dependent on others for normal activities of daily living. This disease puts a stain on the relationship between the caregivers and the care receivers. According to Wikipedia (2015), Dementia is a chronic or persistent disorder of the mental processes caused by brain disease or injury and marked by memory disorders, personality changes, and impaired reasoning. Wikipedia skimmed the surface of what Dementia truly is and I decided to do a further investigation because Dementia is beginning to take a toll on our elders mainly because we have the means and necessities to live longer put not the cure for the…

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