Symptoms And Treatment Of Breast Cancer

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Anne’s life was turned around when she found out she had breast cancer. She went to a doctor for a regular check up, then it turned into tons of tests and operations. If Anne found out she had breast cancer earlier before it became too serious, she would most likely be alive today. It is important to know about breast cancer, including the types, symptoms, causes, and treatment. …show more content…
The author says, “cancers of the tissue are called lobular carcinomas and ductal carcinomas” ("Breast cancer" Britannica School). Ductal carcinoma is one of the most common types and it starts in the cells which line the breast ducts, beneath the nipple and areola (“Types of Breast Cancer”). Lobular carcinoma is in the lobes or glands and is located deeper inside the breast (“Types of Breast Cancer”). About eighty-five to ninety percent of all breast cancers are ductal and only about eight percent are lobular("Types of Breast Cancer"). Then, the least common types of breast cancer include inflammatory breast cancer and paget 's disease. Even though inflammatory breast cancer is not common it is the most aggressive type of breast cancer (“Types of Breast Cancer”). Inflammatory breast cancer forms in sheets or nests, instead of lumps (“Types of Breast Cancer”). Paget’s disease is a disease of the nipple/areola and looks like a rash(“Types of Breast Cancer”). Even though, they are not very common you can still get them, so it is important to know about …show more content…
Sometimes the change in the size or shape of a breast can be a sign of breast cancer (“Symptoms”). The skin on the breast can get red or start peeling and flaking (“Symptoms”). Another symptom that is not so noticeable is a breast lump. According to the author, “Most breast lumps are not cancer, but all lumps should be checked out by a doctor to be sure” ("Breast Cancer" KidsHealth). At the first sign of breast cancer a person should go to the doctor to get it checked out.
There are certain things that increase your risk of having breast cancer. The author says, “the exact causes of breast cancer are largely unknown, but both environmental and genetic factors are involved” ("Breast cancer" Britannica School). A person 's genes can increase their chance of having breast cancer(“Risk Factors”). Also factors like, when a person starts their period or menopause, and when they have their first child can affect their chances of having breast cancer(“Risk Factors”). A lot of the causes of breast cancer are things people do in everyday

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