Symptoms And Treatment Of Bipolar Disorder Essay

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As mental illness becomes an increasingly pressing topic in the modern day world, it’s important to be educated about them. There are two types of bipolar disorder, type one and type two. This paper will be more specific to type one bipolar disorder. Type one “involves periods of severe mood episodes from mania to depression”, and type two “is a milder form of mood elevation, involving milder episodes of hypomania that alternate with periods of severe depressions” (Colin, 2013). It can also be described as “episodes of depression and at least one episode of full-blown mania” (DSM-5). To thoroughly understand type one bipolar disorder, its causes, symptoms, and treatment options must be discussed.
Important factors to note when diagnosing bipolar disorder is “family history, depressive symptoms, and course of illness, such as when emotional episodes started” (Colin, 2013). Episodes can be classed as ‘depressive’, ‘manic’ or ‘mixed’, and are interspersed by periods of normal mood. Depressive episodes are characterized by “a depressed mood, abnormal sleeping and eating, psychomotor retardation, and recurrent thoughts of death” (Furnham et al., 2009). Common manic symptoms during these episodes among individuals with bipolar disorder include “motor agitation, psychic agitation or intense inner tension, and racing or crowded thoughts” (Goldberg et al., 2009). Besides bipolar disorder being caused by abnormal emotional episodes, there can also be genetic inheritance. According…

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