Symptoms And Treatment Of Anorexia Nervosa Essay

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Another behavior that seemed concerning is that she only eats alone. Eating alone limits an individual to eat and limits the time a person can spend time with friends. If a person spends times with friend, they are more likely to be around a positive atmosphere rather than being alone.
Having dry skin and cracked lips, struggling to focus, and hypotension are symptoms of Anorexia Nervosa. While talking to Maria, I noticed that her skin was dry and her lips were chapped. Having chapped lips, being fatigue, and dry skin is a sign for slowed metabolism and ketoacidosis. In addition, she is not consuming enough food nor water. If Maria does not consume enough food and water, her body will shut down her integumentary system because her body will be in survival mode. The water from the foods that she consumes and the water she drinks is important to keep her cell in her skin hydrated. While speaking to Maria, I noticed she showed little emotion, showing that she is low in energy. Her resting blood pressure was 80/60 mm Hg, indicating that her blood pressure is low. However, once she stood up, her blood pressure dropped significantly to 60/40 mm Hg. The reason Maria fainted during dance class is because she has orthostatic hypotension, meaning heart cannot keep up with sudden movement. The pressure of her arteries is weaker than they should be. If she were eating enough, her body would be able to send signals to her heart to beat faster and contract her blood vessels.…

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