Symptoms And Treatment Of An Injected Prescription Drugs Essay

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Imagine growing up having a disability, but people don’t know the whole story behind it. There was this girl, and she became deaf as a baby. She was carried in her mom’s stomach while she had chicken pox. The mother then gave her child Pneumothorax in both lungs, when she was eight years old. The baby had to go through a severe process in the hospital for fifty nine days straight. The process included having chest tubes in the lungs, and medicine to paralyze her body, so she could not breathe against the ventilator. Also, she received an injected prescription drug known as a blood anticoagulant, or Heparin. She was in many units of the hospital, such as PICU, pediatric intensive care unit, ECMO tech, and the NICU, neonatal intensive-care unit. During this whole process, she was pronounced dead about four times. Since there was nothing to do to keep her alive, they finally decided to put her on the most powerful antibiotics, which was called the gentamicin, to keep her alive. There were negative side effects of this drug, such as blindness, deafness, and mental retardation, and she ended up damaging all of the hair cells in her cochlea after all. After about eleven months, the audiologists told her parents that she became mildly deaf when she was about one year old. The older she became, her deafness progressively increased to severe-profound. Because of that, she had to wear hearing aids all of her life and have accommodations for school, such as an interpreters and note…

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