Symptoms And Treatment Of An Autoimmune Disease Essay examples

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In recent years, my mom was diagnosed with a chronic autoimmune disease known as lupus. Not only does lupus have visible symptoms such as a rash across the cheeks and nose, but lupus also effects internal organs, and causes sensitivity to the sun. At times, it is obvious how deeply this disease has affected my mom, like in the morning when she slowly makes her way down the steps and drags herself to her coffee machine stating that she had only gotten three hours of sleep. However, these situations are rare. The majority of the time, my mom hides this tired portion of herself behind a façade of energy. But at times my mom truly was her former energetic self. My sixteenth birthday was one of those occasions.
This past year, I turned sixteen. I did not want a traditional, glamorous, extensive sweet sixteen but rather I wanted two intimate celebrations. I wanted a dinner with my family and close relatives and a get together with a few close friends. Now, my mom’s birthday is two days before mine so she was already exhausted from a small celebration of her own. However, on the morning of my sixteenth birthday, I was awoken bright and early by the smell of bacon and coffee wafting up the steps. Now, this was a surprise because generally birthdays in my family are treated like any other day. We wake up and make ourselves breakfast…or not. The only difference is unwrapping gifts. However on this particular day, my mom had woken herself up early just to make my favorite breakfast:…

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