Symptoms And Treatment Of Alzheimer 's Disease Essay

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Imagine going through life with no memory of ones loved ones or even of how to perform daily functions. Being unable to go to the bathroom by one’s self or even feed one’s self. This, sadly, is a reality for many of the ageing population. This description describes Alzheimer’s disease. This disease progressively worsens with age, greatly impairing ones quality of life. It is defined as “a progressive, neurodegenerative disease that occurs when nerve cells in the brain die” (JH). It “ranks fourth in the cause of death among adults” and “approximately four million Americans have Alzheimer’s Disease” (kids). Much research has been performed to find information on this topic, but more still needs to be done. There are two different types of this disease. The first is familial or early onset. It is not as likely as the other form. “It affects a small subset of people at a younger age, usually before their fifties”. The other type is called sporadic or late-onset Alzheimer’s Disease. This “affects people most often after they reach 65 years of age” (Kids). No matter which type the person has there are still common symptoms the individual will display. There are many symptoms that indicate that one may have this disease. The most common system is memory loss that worsens over time. Other symptoms include “difficulty performing familiar tasks, problems with language, disorientation to time and place, poor or decreased judgment, problems with abstract thinking, misplacing things,…

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