Essay about Symptoms And Treatment Of Alzheimer 's Disease

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One minute she is here. The next, she is in a distant land— unaware of who she is, where she is, or what is going on. Once again, this thief of memories has captured all good and bad recollections. She never knows when it will devour her life, or if she will regain what it stole from her; it has demanded complete ownership of her life. Once memory was almost viewed as a sense: enabling her to embrace her surroundings, now she is left in a desolate land. This thief, also known as Alzheimer’s disease, causes many psychological and mental repercussions; however, with a certain attitude towards Alzheimer’s and more research, one may combat this rising issue in society. By coming to understand the negative effects of Alzheimer’s disease, one must understand the sour ingredients that create such a putrid disease. This disease is defined associated with “memory loss, poor judgment . . . [and] severe difficulty with completion of activities of daily living” (Saedtler and Nunez 108). Each of these impairments causes a sense of isolation. No longer can they recall comforting memories or the right way to respond to a particular situation. There are so many unknown variables in life even with a working memory; thus, without these recollections, one will have a difficulty going about daily tasks. This sense of dependency causes another set of symptoms as well, such as ‘irritability [and] depression” (Saedtler and Nunez 109), because the victim can become overwhelmed with their situation…

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