Symptoms And Symptoms Of The United States ' Date Nights Are Been Awkward Without An Underlying Unknown Problem

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Date nights are already awkward without an underlying unknown problem. Sara and Chuck both thought that this date was something special but, neither of them knew how special it would be. After having a few drinks they decided to go home, it was then when Chuck fell out and had seizure. When Chuck fell he had hit the bumper of a beat up Volkswagen van and then hit the pavement. After they had gotten to the hospital and Chuck’s parents arrived it was another surprise, that he had not been known to have seizures nor anyone else in the family. After three days, in the hospital they sent Chuck to have an EEG and this is where the results and diagnosis was really shown.
“Seizures occur when there is abnormal electrical activity in the brain. These electrical impulses may be transmitted into the muscles, causing twitching or convulsions. A seizure may be caused by a number of different factors some of which include, alcohol, drugs, lack of sleep, flashing lights, and mediation interference.” (1) Whenever Chuck fell, he hit his parietal bone which caused it to break. “The parietal bones are two bones that, when joined help form the human skull. The two bones together form the sides and the roof of the cranium, they help protect the brain from more serious injury.” (2) Whenever Chuck was admitted into the hospital they decided to do an MRI on him, which showed that he had a subdural hematoma. “A MRI is defined as magnetic resonance imaging. It is a diagnostic procedure that uses a…

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