Essay about Symptoms And Symptoms Of Ptsd

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What is PTSD?
PTSD is normally characterized as a mental disorder that is a direct result of an anxiety related syndromes that came about as a direct result of a traumatic event (Chemtob, 2011). One example of this can be seen in the case of natural disasters such as flooding which occur as a direct result of excessive rain fall which creates a PTSD response in certain individuals wherein they continue to respond negatively to various external stimuli such as storms, videos of flooding or other such examples.
Situation Events that Trigger PTSD Constant Re-experiencing
This aspect takes the form of constant flashbacks to the traumatic event resulting in severe stress and anxiety or the equivalent there of in the form of a negative psychological response. This symptom is often brought out as a direct result of distinct triggers (such as in the case of the previously mentioned example where images of floods, rain etc. acted as the necessary trigger to bring about the memory) (Muldoon & Lowe, 2012).
Exposure to a Traumatic Event A traumatic event in this particular case comes in the form of even that elicited a great deal of intense fear, resulted in serious injury or had the very real possibility of death for the individual involved (Muldoon & Lowe, 2012). It is thought that such events are necessary for the development of PTSD since they leave a deep psychological “scar” so to speak which interacts with the fear and anxiety mechanisms within the brain which create the…

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