Symptoms And Symptoms Of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Essay

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Veterans living every day with post-traumatic stress disorder often feel on edge, have feelings of panic, or feel emotionally numb and disconnected from family, friends, and loved ones. Post-traumatic stress disorder occurs after experiencing severe trauma or a life-threatening event, and the mind and body in still in a state of shock (Smith, 2015; Robinson, 2015; Segal, 2015). Some other major symptoms of PTSD for veterans include night terrors, extreme emotional and physical reactions to reminders of trauma, panic attacks, shaking, heaving breathing, avoiding certain places and people, and withdrawing from family and friends. Wartime experiences, most particularly in the First World War, prompted physicians to speculate on the nature of etiology of post-traumatic reactions (Creamer, 2011). The condition was originally thought to have be concerned with lesions in the brain caused by explosives on the battlefield, which then came this disease the nickname of “shell shock. The idea of a mild traumatic brain injury has now been modified as a mental health disorder.
Post-traumatic stress disorder has been noted in military personnel for many centuries, but not until the 1980’s did the disorder become formally recognized and began to get focused for legitimate study and research (Creamer, 2011). Despite this relatively recent acceptance by the psychiatric community, the notion of traumatic stress has been discussed in the context of military service as far back as…

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