Symptoms And Symptoms Of Pain And Suffering Essays

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Humans can feel abundant amounts of emotions and sensations throughout a lifetime. Many emotions are considered to be real and occur because they are distinct and prevalent. There are positive emotions, like happiness and glee, but there are negative emotions, like pain and suffering. Pain and suffering are feelings that occur by multiple times in a person’s life, but many people feel that pain and suffering are not real; they think we only feel pain and suffering because there is an absence of something else. I believe that, because pain and suffering are distinct sensations, they have to be real and not just the absence of other emotions like happiness. Through multiple real world situations that can occur in a person’s lifetime, I will show that pain and suffering truly do exist and the absence of positive emotions is not the cause for these sensations.
1) All distinct sensations that feel a certain way are real and not merely the absence of something else.
2) Pain and suffering are both distinct sensations
3) Therefore, pain and suffering are real and not merely the absence of anything else.
My statement above is a valid and true statement. The premises connect towards my conclusion, which makes it valid. For a valid argument, the premises must be true and work towards my conclusion. First, my definition of distinct sensations would be the emotions, and physical feelings that a person can experience within his or her lifetime. These emotions can range from positive…

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