Symptoms And Symptoms Of Mental Illnesses Essay

751 Words Mar 15th, 2016 4 Pages
Unlike some diseases with particular symptoms like food indigestion, mental illnesses are hard to tell apart. Patients with mental disorders such as anxiety, phobias, or post-traumatic-stress disorder may behave similarly and experience common symptoms. Without the proper expertise, there is little or no probability that one can exactly tell what a beloved one is suffering from. That is why people tend to always go to the doctor to get more insights concerning their psychological symptoms. Upon experiencing any suspicious symptoms, one needs to have a diagnosis done and know exactly what is going on. These psychological symptoms may sometimes feel normal, but they might worsen the case if not diagnosed early on. According to, some common symptoms of mental disorders are overwhelming worry, having trouble falling asleep, heart beating fast, and sweaty or cold hands (WebMed). Obviously, these symptoms are so common with everybody nowadays that it is actually hard for even the patient to know that there is something wrong with themselves. However, the website adds on that there are other indications that often accompany those very common symptoms. For instance, there is presence of mood swings which may make the case very questionable because these symptoms might prevent the patient from performing their daily functions. Whether it is concentrating at work, reckless or unusual behavior, or even one’s mind not shutting down (WebMed). Even though all these symptoms…

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