Essay about Symptoms And Symptoms Of Depression

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Depression Depression is not simply a state of mind of pessimism, it is a disorder that controls the ability to feel any emotion, whether positive or negative. The Disorder involves the mind and body, it envelops a person’s everyday thoughts. This disease has affected many people in the world, both, teens and adults. All with different events in their life and reasons for their depression. Tragically, depression has a stigma of mental inadequacy and illness, although the stigma has lessen over decades of hard work from foundations like S.A.V.E ( Suicide Awareness Voices of Education) and A.D.A.A ( Anxiety and Depression Association of America) making the public more knowledgeable. There are different types of depression and different causes for everyone, currently there are seven depressive disorders. (Moragne, P. 30-33) Firstly, Major Depression, it usually occurs once in a person’s lifetime and can last two or more weeks. Symptoms include: sadness, irritability, loss of energy, fatigue, poor concentration, low self-esteem, impaired functions, and hopelessness. Secondly, Bipolar Depression, it can last for days, weeks, or even months at a time. Usually a person goes through mood swings of a Low Mood and an Elevated Mood. The Low Mood, also referred to as a Major Depressive Episode, makes a person sad, irritable, and have a lack of energy. The Elevated Mood, referred to as Extreme Happiness, makes a person feel great energy and a feeling of not needing…

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