Symptoms And Symptoms Of Attention Deficit Disorder Essay

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While it is not uncommon for children to daydream in class, act without thinking, or forget to do homework or a house chore, some additional symptoms as inattention, hyperactivity (or lack of) and impulsivity may be signs of a psychological condition. Attention deficit disorder is a disorder that appears in early childhood. This condition makes it difficult for the individual to control their emotions or their spontaneous responses. ADD symptoms usually appear before the child is seven years old, although sometimes it is difficult for parents or educators to distinguish these symptoms from what is consider normal behavior in children. Just a few ADD symptoms at irregular intervals may not be enough to diagnose the child as having attention deficit disorder. If, on the other hand, these symptoms are present at different scenarios and in various environments (home, school, playground, etc.), then it is necessary for a more in depth examination.
When people talk about ADD there is an immediate thought about an out of control child who is constantly disrupting everything and everyone. While this hyperactivity symptom may be found in children with both ADD and ADHD, this is not always the case. As a matter of fact, many children with ADD will sit quietly, their attention focused on something else. Others will not shift from one particular task, and would place more emphasis on a single task. Some will have a mild inattention or can be overly impulsive. The primary…

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