Essay on Symptoms And Symptoms Of Anxiety

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In our society today anxiety is a problematic disorder. It creates the need for much support and love from loved ones. This disorder have hit home in the sense that nearly every individual has a family member or friend with this disorder. Having to experience and endure the challenges of the onset of this illness can be stressful.
Anxiety is very challenging with the behavioral conditions and symptoms that are related with this illness. Having to experience this disorder with a loved one tends to be overwhelming, as this individual needs much attention, love and patience. It is also clear that anxiety can be misdiagnosed so, it is important that during visit to the doctor the correct diagnosis is made, since there are times when other illnesses or conditions are mistaken for anxiety. Anxiety is labeled the most common disorder, which has many conditions that include depression as the primary factor for mood or emotional behaviors. These disorders involve fear of being scrutinized by others. These individuals experience periods of depression throughout their lives which can be very stressful and causes changes in moods.
Bipolar disorder is treated with three main classes of medication: mood stabilizers, antipsychotics, and, while their safety and effectiveness for the condition are sometimes controversial, antidepressants. Typically, treatment entails a combination of at least one mood-stabilizing drug and/or atypical antipsychotic, plus psychotherapy. The most widely used…

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