Symptoms And Symptoms Of Abnormal Breathing Patterns Essay

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Breathing is not just a matter of breathing through inspiration and expiration. Abnormal breathing patterns deals with the absent of breath sounds at certain times and the presence of normal breath sounds in certain areas where they are normally not heard. There are different types of abnormal breathing patterns that are caused with certain illnesses such as Cheyne-Stokes respiration, Kussmaul breathing, Biot’s respiration, apnea, paradoxical breathing and apneustic breathing. There are different explanations that go along with each type of abnormal breathing pattern. Many people suffer from these daily and there are certain ways that these can be treated. Abnormal breathing patterns can change with a certain injury, disease, or illness and you can notice signs of short of breath, likely tripodding, dyspnic, or possibly cyanotic. Breathing is not that easy for some people and they can deal with many complications at any point in time, the main focus is abnormal breathing patterns, but mainly Cheyne-Stokes. Many people who have an abnormal breathing pattern has a consistent rate and rhythm. Abnormal breathing patterns are categorized into two general categories. The first category is directly related with pulmonary and thoracic diseases which deals with increasing the work of breathing, this is caused by having help from the accessory muscle. “The common causes of pulmonary and thoracic diseases is narrowed airways (COPD, asthma), “stiff lungs” (severe pneumonia, pulmonary…

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