Essay on Symptoms And Symptoms Of A Psychotic Person 's Delusion

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There has been a great deal of debate about the dangers of those that suffer from psychosis posing a threat to the general population. Recent studies appear to confirm a moderate but reliable association between mental illness and violence. Considerable evidence suggests that much of the violent behavior observed in those that suffer from psychosis is not random, but is motivated and directed by psychotic symptoms themself. In many cases, the behavior appears to be a predictable and in some ways rational response to irrational beliefs (delusions) and perceptions (hallucinations). The content and themes of a psychotic person’s delusion or hallucination often imply a specific course of violent action. Conceivably, such an analysis could identify not only psychiatric patients at risk for committing violence but also those individuals who are at risk for becoming targets of their violence.

Does a Psychosis have to Lead to Violence?
A Review of the Literature
In society today, psychosis and violence are often seen as inexplicably linked, creating a harsh stigma for those with the diagnosis. The perception carries serious consequences for these people in the form of further discrimination and a sense of isolation from society. The largest misconception is that everyone who suffers from a psychotic condition is violent. The mainstream media mostly generates this view. Why you may ask, because violence sells. The majority of stories we hear about were someone commits an…

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