Symptoms And Symptoms Of A Mood Disorder Essay

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Both individuals demonstrate a propensity to develop depressing states, which can be the start of a mood disorder that is more serious than the current symptoms that they are experiencing. This author believe it is important to have clinical assessment in which the specialist has the capacity specifically assess the condition of the individual (levels of vitality, anxiety, demeanor, social interactions, etc.).

When applying the DSM-5 criteria it is important to isolate the symptoms in order to diagnose a mood disorder. A mood refers to a sustained emotion that colors the way one views life. A mood disorder is defined as a pattern of illness due to an abnormal mood (Morrison, 2014). The specifier requires two special sets of descriptions that can be applied to a number of the mood episodes and mood disorders (Morrison, 2014). Mood disorders are usually accompanied by the symptoms listed below. To count as a DSM-5 symptoms for major depression episodes, behavior must occur daily. Some examples of symptoms are listed below.

Emotional Symptoms:

1. Thoughts suicide;
2. Loss of interest in activities that were pleasurable in the past;
3. Unyielding anxiety, sadness or feelings of emptiness;
4. Feelings of worthlessness, helplessness or guilt; and
5. Feelings of hopelessness or pessimism (Morrison, 2014).

Physical symptoms:

6. Decreased energy or fatigue;
7. Headaches, body aches, pains, cramps or digestive problems;
8. Difficulty remembering details, making decisions…

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