Symptoms And Effects Of Asthma's Health

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Not everyone will have the same symptoms so seeking medical care is important if you identify common symptoms. Coughing at night, wheezing, shortness of breath and chest tightness are examples of symptoms of asthma. Asthma can be triggered if he or she is allergic to strong odours, chemical fumes or even pet hair.
Asthma can greatly effect the quality of life. Sometimes, emotional strain is caused by asthma and it can cause depression in some individuals because he or she might not be able to participate in some activities. Some people might not be able eat certain type of foods which contributes to their health. Also, your asthma should be controlled before exercising otherwise your asthma can worsen. Therefore, more time is needed to control the symptoms of asthma and your exercise program needs to be delayed. Also, it can affect your social life as you might not be able to attend certain events. You might have to take sick leave from work if your asthma gets worse therefore you might suffer from stress and anxiety. If asthma is not treated properly or in time it could be severe and fatal.
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If asthma is controlled in the correct way you can maintain a good lung function and your chances of symptoms can be prevented. Moreover, individuals will be able to lead a normal life where they can sleep peacefully throughout the night and the probability of having a asthma attack is lowered. An individual should discuss the symptoms with their doctor and figure out which one is the best way to treat it. Controlling your asthma can involve avoiding triggers that make your asthma worse, being aware of what you eat and drink, and checking your level of asthma control on a daily

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