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Management 210 is the introductory and elementary course of Management in the module of Bachelor of Business Administration. Management is one of the most important subjects for a
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Within short period of time since its introduction at the end of 2008 the brand has become very popular especially among the young people. Because of its unique propositions Symphony. Mobile now occupies number one position in Bangladesh above Nokia according to market share. Innovation and exclusive design clearly differentiate Symphony from other brands available in the market. The brand has launched the first ever branded dual sim phone in the country. Continuing with the same trend of delivering breakthrough products, Symphony Mobile launched X110, Bangladesh’s first ever QWERTY keyboard phone with Track ball. Moreover in the coming month’s lot of new products are introduced which include full touch screen and smart phones.

Symphony offers customers reliability, value for money and wide range of choice. While the performance, reliability and durability of the products are as good as any leading global mobile phone brand handset with

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