Sympathy For The Doctor Or Mr. Rank Essay

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I do have more sympathy for the doctor or Mr. Rank. He is the only one in the play that does not want to get or force anything. I have sympathy towards Mrs. Kristine Linde. It resonates me the way this play ends. I think this play is really interesting. This play is relevant to a modern audience because it treats the relationship problems of society.
I have more sympathy for Mr. Rank because he always tries to help Nora even when her husband is present. Mr. Rank always visits the Helmers and never asks for anything. It is a bit sad how he tries to get something from Mrs. Nora, but he can not because she is married. Mr. Rank is also about to die, so who can be against a doctor that is at the end of his life. He also leaves two envelopes when he leaves, which could have saved the Nora and Torvald relationship if they would have hurried and save Mr. Rank’s life. Even though Mr. Helmer sees Mr Rank’s envelopes he does not care and continues reading the rest. Then he finds out everything about his wife, and accuses her of everything and anything.
I also show sympathy towards Mrs. Linde. She is a Lovely person in this play because she is one of the few that does not think about her own interest. She does not think about her own interest because she helps Mrs. and Mr. Helmer. Thanks to Mrs. Linde, Nora and Torvald can be in peace, once she convinces Krogstad of sending a second letter to the Helmer’s. She is also a very good friend of Nora which has lost everything, and needs…

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