Sympathy By Charles Darwin : Sympathy Essay

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“Charles Darwin said that sympathy is the strongest instinct in human nature.” (I Am) This supports the theory that human nature is cooperative rather than competitive; especially since most people believe that Darwin was a firm believer in a competitive lifestyle. Sympathy is a word that affects most people but only some have an exceptional response to situations where sympathy comes into play. For example, in The Five People You Meet in Heaven, Eddie had sympathy for the little girl in the fire from when he was at war. All his life he felt responsible for the result of the little girls life although he was unsure of what it was. It wasn’t until he had died that he found out she had died that day in the fire. His sympathy for the loss of her life was not unnecessary. After he died he also discovered that she was the one who lead him out of the world, holding his hand. She had sympathy for him after his death, just as he had sympathy for her during his life. The quote “Scenery without solace is meaningless.” (Albom) explains how without sympathy and the comfort of others our lives are meaningless. With sympathy brings comfort to those in need the most. Mitch in Tuesday’s With Morrie had learned what sympathy was during his weekly lessons with Morrie. Mitch was originally part of the cold hearted competitive society but as the teachings became more personal, he became a part of the society that understands the compassionate nature of people. As Morrie said “So…

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