Sympathy And Empathy Is Like Sharing A Feeling With Someone Essay

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Both Sympathy and empathy are feelings. Empathy is like sharing a feeling with someone. With empathy to an extent you are putting yourself in their position, and you also understand how they feel. Sympathy you feel for the person. You feel sorry for them, but you do not actually understand what they are feeling. You may also want to try to give them solutions to their problems or have them to look at the brighter side of things. Empathy you have felt the way they are feeling before and can relate to it and sympathy you do really understand the problem or predicament that the person is having. You can share the way you felt during the time you was going thought something similar to them. This puts you more on their level of thinking and could help the person you are talking to.
I use to have sympathy for people in college that said their classes were hard and I thought I understood that because I was in high school still and had my hard classes too. But now I have empathy for every college student and myself because college is nothing like high school and it’s extremely hard. I never struggled in high school and now that’s a totally different story I feel like I struggle with everything. Last year at this time I would have said I’m ready to get out of high school and go to college now a day’s I would say I would rather be in high school than college any day. When I was in high school, I knew people that didn’t go to college and just worked at McDonald’s or a low income job…

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