Symbols Of Rebellion In Nineteen Eighty-Four By George Orwell

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In the novel of Nineteen Eighty-Four written by George Orwell, the coral paperweight is a form of rebellion that was useless to the people and the party that made Winston have the urge to buy the paperweight. It was a reflection of Winston Smith past that reminds him of his mother and sister it also signifies his relationship with Julia. The coral paperweight purchased at Charrington’s shop becomes a dominant symbol in Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four. Winston motif for buying the paperweight was because it was beautiful and different. These types of things were not allowed in the dystopian world of Oceania. For example, “What appealed to him about the it was not so much its beauty as the air it seemed to possess of belonging to an age quite different from the present one” (Orwell, 81). Winston did not just want the paperweight for any reason, it also showed a sign of rebellion. He felt that it was a great symbol of the past that was now forgotten by much of the society forever. Therefore beginning the long journey of this paperweight. Charrington’s shop will play an incredible role in the novel Nineteen-Eighty Four. Many pages in this novel take place in Charrington’s shop. For instance, Winston was told about the paperweight in …show more content…
Charrington’s shop is where Winston and Julia met their destruction. There was actually a telescreen in the small room and Mr. Charrington was a thought police. He knew everything they had done in the small room above his shop and all the planning they had thought about doing against Big Brother. The crime they committed were so sinister against the party, that the thought police stormed in from every direction and grabbed Winston and Julia causing him to break the paperweight (Orwell). This small item that he has been able to carry with him for the majority of his time with Julia and all the places they had visited was destroyed. The paperweight that was a piece of history and Winston journey into rebelliousness was lost

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