Symbols In The Pearl, By John Steinbeck

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One day the poor fisherman.Kino,finds “the pearl of the world,perfect as the moon”(steinbeck 10). To be precise, In the novella The Pearl by steinbeck, Kino is a very poor man that does not have money. Juana his wife and coyotito his son all live in a brush house in La Paz on the Gulf of Mexico.Kino decides to go pearl diving to find a pearl to help coyotito because he got stung by a scorpion. Therefore,When kino finds the pearl of the world it brings him great fortune and also great evil to his family. Steinbeck uses the theme of stick with your family through good and bad. He effectively develops the theme through the use of setting,symbols,and character.
Steinbeck uses character to develop the theme throughout the story. At the beginning
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In the ending while they are in the mountains,kino ask’s Juana to stay and hide while he goes with the hunters.i will go on and you will hide”I will lead them into the mountains,and when they have gone past,you will go north to loreto”(steinbeck41). In addition,this helps create the theme because Juana ends up refusing to leave his side and kino comes up with another plan because Juana does not want to leave his side. Therefore,another setting he uses would be when kino is about to go to town to sell the pearl to the pearl buyers. Juan Thoma’s cautions his brother”you must be careful to see they do not cheat you”(Steinbeck23).this refers to the theme because his brother is part of his family and is tell him to be careful because he cares for his brother and his fortune of his family. Therefore,it explains the theme of stick with your family through good and bad. The last setting he uses would be the ocean where he finds his pearl. Before kino and Juana and the other fishers had come to kino’s brush house,”the nerves of the town were pulsing and vibrating with the news”(Steinbeck11). This goes back to the theme because his family has been with him even when he did not find his pearl.therefore this shows that family sticks with you through the good and bad times even if you are rich or if you are poor. Steinbeck used the setting to help create the theme of the

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