Symbols In Soloman Northup

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Register to read the introduction… The first one is when he breaks the violin that he's written his familys name on. I take that as a symbol of him loosing hope. Giving up. He no longer believes he'll get home again, safe with his family.
The second symbol is after he talked to the canadian guy. When he agrees to write to hos friends in the north. He then looks into the camera for a good 10-seconds shot, and that gives me the feeling that he yet again believes. He believes that he'll meet his family someday. He regains hope.

Soloman Northup, is the character and he's very clear about being a free man from the beginning. He says that he shouldn’t be treated the way he was and is not to do what others tell him to. He really fights to get justice for the colored people.
Mr.Epps was Northups last «master» and was an alcoholic who abused women both physically psycological. He's an evil man and has no conscience at all.
Patsey is one of Mr.Epps slaves and gets sexually abused by him. She's abused by both Mr. And Mrs.Epps, and it's so bad tha she asks Soloman to kill her, because she can't do it herself.

What jump starts the plot is when Soloman wakes up in the basement cellar after being kidnapped, and is chained on both hands and feet. This part really makes you intrigued on what's going to happen next. You need to

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